About Keybodyfitness
Our Company

Key Body Fitness is the leading body composition testing provider in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Our tools and services are able to educate our clients on the difference between a pound of fat VS a pound of muscle, something that a traditional scale cannot do! Our company is passionate about making our medical grade body composition testing services accessible to ALL individuals and community groups, with our mobile service at an affordable price point.

The ultimate goal of our company is to help our clients understand their personal data with real quantifiable results. We believe that those results empower our clients improve their fitness level and set meaningful health goals. We advocate that our clients become physically active and to do so within group settings. Whether the group is composed of collegiate athletes, church parishioners, or the Finance Department of a Fortune 500 company, we believe that there is great power and synergy among groups people and that when these groups are provided the appropriate direction and focus — great improvements are made!

The Clinical science behind our product

Since 1840, the seca company has been innovating the highest quality of medical devices. Key Body Fitness uses the seca medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) as a benchmark service for clients. This device is the only body measurement tool of its kind that was made specially for medical usage and has been validated against the Four Compartment Model – the gold standard for fat mass estimation.

The seca mBCA provides measurement results using the following parameters

Fat mass / fat-free mass

The medically precise distinction between fat mass and fat-free mass is important when changes occur. This is especially true for clients that are overweight, obese and malnourished

Skeletal muscle mass

The development and retention of skeletal muscle mas plays an important role in malnourished patients, in the area of sports medicine, and in the reduction of body weight. The display shows the individual values for each of the patient’s extremities as well as their torso.

Body Composition Chart

The BCC displays fat mass and fat-free mass in a graphic which enables you to interpret body composition at a glance. In addition, a series of measurements can be used to determine wheather the fat mass or fat-free mass contributed to any weight change.

Body water

Total body water, intracellular water, and extracellular water are identified seperately. This supports the determination of dry weight, the detection of edmes, improved evaluation of weight loss, and the diagnosis of dehydration.

Bioelectrical impedance vector analysis (BIVA)

Information on fluid status and body cell mass is graphically represented which gives you a better analysis of a patients hydration status, nutritional status, and level of fitness. The BIVA is essential for nutrition counseling, sports medicine, and neptrology

Phase angle

The phase angle is correlated with the nutritional and metabolic status. Small irregularities in the somatic cells can be detected early and the severity of cancer, heart disease, and HIV can be verifiable determined. With the phase angle, signs of fatigue can be identified earlier and can assist physicians in the area of primary care and sports medicine.

Testing Packages

Single – $45:

One (1) Measurment – Ideal for those simply looking for a snapshot of current physical makeup

Double – $80:

Two (2) Measurments – Ideal when incorporated into a nutritional and/or fitness program to provide both a pre-program and post-program reading

Annual – $160:

Four (4) Measurments * – Ideal for those looking for ongoing analysis of how effective a nutritional or fitness program has been. * – All measurements must be completed in 12 month period